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Courtney Carver and Tammy Strobel want to help you find the lovely in your life and attract more of it. This isn’t some woo-hoo put it out to the universe and you’ll get everything you ask for kind of course. You will work for your joy, but have a blast doing it.

Self study e-courses

Make Time Course

Create Space Course


Combo: Make Time & Create Space


“I cannot tell you how much enjoyment, inspiration and peace I am receiving from your course. I absolutely love it!” – Ramona Powles

“I have made some significant changes in my life and you have made me feel like I can really do it.  I am getting rid of “stuff” in my house and after filling out the time chart in week one, I am actually zooming through chores and getting to relax and read more.” – Pennie

You can intentionally add beauty to your life with a simple shift of focus. Make lovely a priority. Don’t let stuff, obligations, responsibilities, stress, debt, worry or unease force you to put your life on hold.

It’s your life. Choose lovely.

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