Create Space

Learn how to make space in your home and on your calendar. You’ll receive 3 weekly modules including audio interviews with experts, instructive lessons, guest contributions, video presentations, and homework assignments.

Week 1: Declutter

Stuff is taking up your space and time. Learn how to create a spacious area to do your best work. This week includes simple shifts and micro-actions to guide you through decluttering and intentionally creating spaces you enjoy.

  • Welcome
  • Small Steps – video lesson
  • Inspiration Board
  • Choose Your Space - written lesson
  • 7 Ways to Negotiate Downsizing and Create Space - written lesson
  • Decluttering is not Organizing - written lesson
  • Empty Space is Valuable - written contribution from Heather at Mile 73
  • Homework

Week 2: Notice

Now that you’ve made a little space in your life, notice your surroundings. What makes you smile? What makes you worry? You’ll learn how to have more smiling and less worrying every day.

  • Inspiration Board
  • Practice the Power to Notice - written lesson
  • 5 Ways to Notice Your Surroundings, in the Midst of Drama - written lesson
  • How Memories are Sparked by the Tiniest Detail - written lesson
  • Photo Meditations: How to Notice Lovely Details Through Your Lens - written lesson
  • Noticing the Details Within - written contribution by Kristin Noelle
  • Audio interview with Katie Tallo from Momentum Gathering
  • Notice & Be Grateful – video lesson
  • Homework

Week 3: Enjoy

You’ve done the work, but still feel too busy and scattered to enjoy your newfound space. We’ll give you some great ways to celebrate life and really start living. Enjoy your new outlook with a week of celebration and trying new things.

  • Enjoy the Process – written article
  • Jumping Gently Into Joy - written article
  • When You are Sad - a written contribution by Katie Tallo
  • Set a Weekly Intention - written article
  • Enjoy the Details - video lesson
  • Choose Joy – written article
  • Playlist - music to listen to while you study
  • Homework



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