Make Time

If you’ve ever wished for more hours in the day or felt frustrated that you couldn’t do it all, this course is for you. You’ll receive course contents that will include 3 Weekly modules with audio interviews with experts, instructive lessons, guest contributions, video presentations, and homework assignments.

Week 1: Track

Where does all your time go and why don’t you have enough of it to do things you love with people you love? This week includes simple shifts and micro-actions to guide you through identifying time sucks. We’ll also look at how to fill up your week with things that deserve your time.

  • Inspiration board
  • How to Track Your Time – written lesson
  • Do Less and Identify Time Sucks - written lesson
  • It’s not about Balance – video lesson 
  • The Myth of Obligation – written contribution from Dusti Arab
  • Homework
  • Playlist – music to listen to while you study

Week 2: Detox

From digital detox to crossing things off your calendar, you’ll learn what’s important and how to say “no thank you” with no guilt.

  • Welcome
  • Inspiration board
  • How to Take a Digital Sabbatical - written lesson
  • Just Say No - written lesson
  • How to Really Take a Day Off - written lesson
  • Alone Time - video lesson 
  • Create a Sanctuary - video lesson 
  • Finding Your Way to Digital Freedom - written contribution from Sandra Paula
  • Playlist - music to listen to while you study
  • Homework

Week 3: Spend

There are 24 hours in each day and you have the glorious opportunity to spend them. They will go by whether you mindfully engage or not, so learn to make your minutes and hours count.

  • Inspiration Board
  • The Joy Factor: 3 Simple Social Media Rules written lesson
  • Audio Interview with Melissa Gorzelanczyk
  • Lost Your Job? Rethink How You Spend Your Time written lesson
  • Limit Your Options written lesson
  • Your Time = Your Life Energy (Spend it Wisely) a written contribution from Victoria Smith
  • Playlist - music to listen to while you study
  • Homework